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Custom leather works for HoReCa

Do you need original leather equipment for your HoReCa business? We are manufacturers of custom leather works for HoReCa such as leather aprons, chef uniforms, leather knife roll or leather menu covers. All these can be customized by embroidering, screen printing, heat transfer or engraving with your brand.

All Masima products are high quality, have an exclusive look and can be worn by bartenders, chefs, waiters, barbers, carpenters or other trades in this field.

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Why call us for HoReCa services?

Our company deals with the realization of custom leather works for HoReCa indispensable for any restaurant, professional kitchen or other fields that require these types of equipment. At the same time, we have special devices to customize any product according to customer needs.

Reasons to contact us for HoReCa services:

  • We have a professional team for the production of equipment for HoReCa services
  • The products can be customized according to the customer’s design and preferences through embroider, engraving, heat transfer or screen printing services.
  • We use quality natural leather to make authentic products
  • We make custom leather works for HoReCa either from leather or combinations of textile with natural leather, wood with natural leather, cork with natural leather
  • All equipment can be customized with logo, text or image
  • You can place a custom order with a large number of products
  • The costs for HoReCa equipment are affordable, being manufacturer prices
  • We deliver all products internationally in a short time

Leather weaving advantages. What are the properties of our products

The custom leather works for HoReCa are equipment that must meet certain quality conditions to be worn in any field and not to wear out in a short time. The advantages of leather weaving made by Masima are the following:

  • When we make leather weaving for HoReCa we focus on all the details regarding the appearance and functionality
  • We use quality materials such as natural leather or durable textiles
  • The products produced by us keep their shape, color and appearance, even after many uses and washing / cleaning
  • They are comfortable and can be easily used in any HoReCa field
  • The products are authentic, handmade
  • Can be customized with your brand
  • Provides safety for storing kitchen utensils or for protecting from various substances and dirt

Leathercrafter – how to customize HoReCa equipment

We are leathercrafter who create custom leather products for each order. If you want to order custom leather works for HoReCa, you need to know the specifications regarding customizations:

  • personalization through engraving is 9 euros and is made per piece with images, text or logo in vector format of maximum 10 x 10 cm
  • for personalization through embroider, heat transfer or screen printing, an order of at least 10 pieces is required. You must send the image or logo in vector format to the size communicated above for a price offer.

– what products can you find in Masima's offer

HoReCa equipment – what products can you find in Masima offer

In our offer you will find a wide range of HoReCa equipment, among which leather aprons, kitchen uniforms, leather knife roll and leather menu covers. These are intended for those who work in restaurants, cafes, bistros, but also for those who practice their profession as a barber or carpenter.

All these types of equipment are custom leather works for HoReCa that meet all the necessary conditions of protection, safety and prestige for those who wear them. See more details about the products we make:

Leather aprons

We make leather aprons with a unique design, which can be customized with your brand.

These types of equipment have the role of protecting the staff working in restaurants or in other fields such as barber’s or carpentry.

All products fullfit the conditions of quality, comfort and durability and can be customized with a logo, image or text.

We have a wide range of aprons made of natural leather or leather combinations with textiles starting from 59 euros.

Leather aprons

Special design

Chef uniform

A HoReCa equipment for all chefs

Chef uniform

The chef’s uniform is a work outfit, a HoReCa equipment, which should not be missing from the kitchen of any restaurant.

Masima makes kitchen uniforms from quality textiles, durable and resistant over time. The uniforms can be used by anyone working in restaurants, cafes or any other place that requires wearing such custom leather works for HoReCa.

We produce leather kitchen uniforms for men and women and personalised with logo, text or image with prices starting from 49 euros.

Want more informations about custom leather works for HoReCa?

Leather Knife Roll

We make custom leather works for HoReCa, including leather knife rollers.

These products are ideal for any chef in any restaurant and aim to store many knives that can be kept safe.

The rollers are made by hand from natural leather, offer comfort and are easy to transport.

Order leather roller rollers at prices starting from 89 euros for those with 4 compartments / pockets or 169 euros for those with 9 compartments / pockets.

Leather knife roll

Perfect for all chefs

Leather menu covers

Easily to clean

Leather menu covers

We make leather menu covers made of resistant and durable materials over time, easily cleaned and wiped periodically.

We use only natural leather to make these products to which we add a metal rail to open the menu easily. This custom leather works for HoReCa can be customized with logo, image or text.

Buy leather menu covers for your restaurant with prices starting from 39 euros, indispensable products for this field.

Custom leather works at advantageous prices

Are you looking for custom leather works at advantageous prices? We produce equipment for cooks, bartenders, waiters, barbers or carpenters from quality materials and at an affordable cost for anyone. They can also be customized according to your brand preferences, the cost for engraving being 9 euros per piece.

In case of custom leather works for HoReCa using screen printing, embroider or by thermal transfer it is necessary to send us your request (for a minimum order of 10 pieces) and we will make you a price offer.

Quickly order crafted leather products specially created for the HoReCa field!

If you need more information about our crafted leather products, you can contact us quickly using the form or email address on the contact page. Our consultants can give you details about making products, materials, sizes and how to customize.

Choose to buy personalized leather works for your business for HoReCa, at affordable prices with fast delivery to your address! 


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