Leather knife roll - products made of natural leather

We produce leather knife rollers that can be personalized with logos, names or images by engraving or embroidering. We are a company with a vast experience of more than 20 years in the HoReCa field and make products on request and customers preference.

We have a professional team making HoReCa equipment such as kitchen uniforms, kitchen aprons, belts, leather belts or leather knife rollers.

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Leather knife roll - the benefits we offer

Leather knife rollers are indispensable accessories, useful in any restaurant or professional kitchen. That products have several advantages and benefits such as:

  • we offer computerized embroidery and engraving services at affordable prices for all equipment in the field of HoReCa
  • all products are made from quality materials, durable over time
  • leather rollers can be made according to customer’s design
  • diversity and originality – the products are made of natural leather, combinations of textile material with natural leather, cork with natural leather, wood with natural leather
  • the products are handmade
  • we deliver the products internationally in any country

What are the advantages of the leather knife roll

We produce leather knife rollers ideal for any chef who needs professional kitchen equipment. These leather rollers are handmade and easy to use and transport.

Advantages of the leather roll for knife offered by Masima:

  1. Provides safety for storing kitchen utensils and knives
  2. Comfort – you no longer have to keep the knives scattered, so they can fit very well in these rollers
  3. An authentic product of superior quality, resistant in time
  4. Leather knife roll can be customized with logo, name or image

Specifications for customizing leather knife roll:

  • personalization through engraving is 9 euros and is made per piece with images, text or logo in vector format of maximum 10 × 10 cm
  • for customization through embroider, heat transfer or serigraphy, an order of at least 10 pieces is required. You must send the image or logo in vector format to the size communicated above for a price offer.

Type of leather knife roll

Custom leather knife roll

Every chef needs products and accessories that are both useful and that give him confidence and prestige. Therefore, a custom leather knife roll is ideal for looking for equipment made to your preferences.

Custom leather knife roll embroider

A leather knife roll could be embroidered with your name or logo and could be a business card for your trade. Regardless of the message you want on the leather roll, we can print it at a superior quality.

Leather knife roll design

It’s necessary to accord a lot of attention to every detail, so that the leather knife roll design is done in a professionally way and to satisfy the clients’ needs by their appearance. That is why we are careful to create only products that look pleasant and easy to use in any kitchen.

Custom leather knife roll pattern

Besides the fact that producing genuine natural leather products, we work with high-performance embroider and engraving machines to create any leather knife roll pattern. The rollers are initially engraved with our company’s logo, but you can request the additional personalization service.

Leather knife roll bag

Leather knife roll is especially designed to be easily transported anywhere. Therefore, the leather knife roll is a bag type, with an adjustable strap available to be worn on the shoulder easily.

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Leather kitchen knife roll

You must have besides the cooking appliances, special equipment that any cook must wear in a professional kitchen. Here we are talking about uniforms, aprons or various accessories such as leather knife rolllers for the kitchen.

Leather knife roll gift

If you want to surprise a chef you know or even surprise your employees, you can choose a leather knife roll as a gift if you work in the HoReCa field. Because these rollers are made of quality leather and can be personalized, it can be a unique gift that any chef would like.

Leather knife roll for chefs

Leather knife rollers are mainly used by professional chefs, who need professional kitchen accessories to collect knives they prefer to work. Thus, they can stay safe, protected from injuries and keep their usefulness for longer.

Leather knife roll pocket

The leather knife rollers are provided with several pockets, to allow the storage and transport many knives. These individual pockets are especially created in a size that enables the storage of larger or smaller knives. The material is resistant, especially designed not to be damaged by knives.

Leather knife roll engraved

The leather knife roll engraved offers a unique look of the desired product, elegance and prestige. The model does not deteriorate over time, the material from which the rollers are created are made of natural leather and durable over time.

Leather knife roller handmade - price

Are you looking for professional and quality kitchen equipment? We are manufacturers of leather knife roll made only from natural leather that lasts over time. These rollers’ price differ depending on the number of pockets/compartments which can be 4 – cost 89 euros or 9 at 169 euros.

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Choose to buy an elegant and durable leather knife roll, made of quality natural leather!