Chef uniform - quality materials and personalization with your logo

You work in restaurants and need a chef uniform? Masima offers you a wide range of such products made of qualitative materials, especially dedicated to chefs or those working in the field of HoReCa.

We can customize any chef uniform according to your preferences, with logo, image or text.

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The importance of the chef uniform

Regarding the importance of the chef uniform, it must be very light, but at the same time resistant to protect against splashes with hot liquids, oil or against burns. These uniforms must be made of durable materials and flexible enough to allow the chef to feel comfortable. Thus, a chef uniform must meet all the needs of long-term wear.

Chef uniform description

A chef uniform can be described as a part of the work outfit that should not be missing from any kitchen. We can customize the uniforms according to your own color code or the logo of each restaurant, but also according to the size. Customization can be done differently for men and women, if desired. These uniforms can be customized using special methods such as: embroider, laser engraving or heat transfer.

Chef uniforms store - why buy these products from us

If you are looking for a chef uniforms store, Masima is the right place where you can find such equipment at manufacturer prices, made of quality materials. At the same time, we like to keep up with technology and customize each piece according to customer needs.

Here’s why to turn to us for a chef uniform:

  • We are manufacturers of such chef’s uniforms, all products being made by hand
  • We produce only quality HoReCa items, with increased strength and durability
  • All products can be customized according to the customer’s design and desire
  • The personalization of chef uniforms and all HoReCa equipment can be done with logo, name or image by embroidery, laser engraving, embossing or heat transfer
  • We have experience of over 20 years in the field and we make only outfits and equipment in accordance with your needs and your location
  • All our products are made of natural leather, combinations of textile with natural leather, cork with natural leather, wood with natural leather

Specifications for chef uniforms

Personalization through engraving is 9 euros and is made per piece with images, text or logo in vector format of maximum 10×10 cm

For personalization through embroider, heat transfer, or screen printing, an order of at least ten pieces is required. You must send the image or logo in vector format to the size communicated above for a price offer.


Chef uniforms for sale - what are the characteristics of our products

Because the chef uniforms for sale in our offer are not just simple workwear, we focus on all the details, their quality and functionality. Thus we use only quality materials, respectively leather or textiles in combination with leather, which we know are durable over time, can be washed and maintained easily.

Because we choose carefully the materials for chef uniforms, we are sure that they will keep their color, shape and appearance even after several uses and washing / cleaning. Their comfort, usefulness and durability are our main objectives when we make such a uniform, whether it is a chef’s trousers, chef’s tunic or chef’s apron.

In short, the uniform is a set of clothes and equipment that gives professionalism, style and prestige to the chef who wears it.

All chef uniforms can be customized with image, logo or text according to your preferences.

Type of chef uniform

Chef uniform - safety in the kitchen

We pay attention to the materials used and to the way of making the final product to be a chef’s uniform that will offer you safety in the kitchen. These uniforms can be worn regardless of the HoReCa company you represent, helpful both in terms of utility and appearance.

Professional chef uniform

Whether it is restaurants, cafes or bistros, the staff needs a professional chef uniform to perform their duties safely and professionally. The materials are made of superior quality  only, due to the twisted threads, a modern technique used to manufacture the textiles from which the uniforms in this field are made. Thus they will have a longer lifespan.

Chef uniform design

The chef uniforms made by Masima have an attractive design and are made for all those who work in professional kitchens. Beautiful appearance and comfort are some of the qualities we think at, when making such outfits. With the help of a unique design for the chef uniform, any professional chef can enjoy prestige in the job he performs.

Chef uniform logo

You want to use a logo for the chef uniform? You can upload the desired image on the product page and place the order directly. We will take it over and make it according to your specifications. Each product is made according to the desired size and color, but also considering the customization desires. In addition to the logo, you can also send us a text, such as your name or another suggestive image.

Work chef uniform

Regardless of the model or color of a work chef uniform, you must make sure that it offers you comfort and lightness to wear. Given that you spend many hours at work, it is necessary to have a comfortable outfit that will help you cope with the kitchen challenges.

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Want more informations about chef uniform?

Executive chef uniform

For those who want an executive chef uniform, these products can be customized by embroider or heat transfer. The cost is different depending on the complexity and size of the image, text or logo desired. Personalize your uniform now that you wear in this profession and enjoy quality products at advantageous prices.

Chef uniforms pants

Chef uniforms pants are part of the kitchen equipment, along with aprons, tunics or shirts. They are indispensable in this job and every chef must have a complete outfit to do their job safely and comfortably. We make only unique cook pants designed for the HoReCa field.

Chef uniform for ladies

We produce especially kitchen uniforms for ladies that offer elegance and comfort. They can be worn regardless of the HoReCa field, being strictly necessary for those who work in restaurants or cafes. Women’s uniforms can be customized with the desired logo, image or text.

Chef uniform apron

If you also need a quality apron for your business, then the apron chef uniform from the Masima offer is the right choice. The aprons are made of natural leather only and can be used by chefs, bartenders, or waiters.

Chef uniform black

A black chef uniform offers elegance and style to the wearer. An outfit color may be required in the restaurant or place you work, or if you want to be just different and feel more special in the job you practice.

Chef uniform long sleeve

Chef uniform long sleeve, especially tunics, are specially designed to be worn in lower temperature environments or by chefs who prefer to work with this model of uniform. Due to the comfortable and durable material, the sleeves can be adjusted to the desired size.

New chef uniforms

If you need new chef uniforms, you can call our company to place an order quickly. We make only quality uniforms from durable and time-resistant materials, which can be ordered either per piece or in a larger quantity. These uniforms are specially designed for the kitchen profession, so the materials used are either leather or durable textiles.

Chef uniform price

You want to know more about the prices for chef uniforms piece by piece or do you want to place a larger order? We provide you with all the necessary details, including how much it costs you to personalize with an image, logo or message. The prices are advantageous, because we are producers and we do not apply additional taxes. Chef’s uniforms start at 49 euros and can be ordered immediately, with delivery to the door.

Chef uniform online

Quickly order a chef uniform online from our website and we send you the order as soon as possible. If you want to know more details about the production of our products or personalization, you can contact us via email address.

Choose quality chef uniforms, durable over time and that give you confidence in the job you do!