Leather menu covers - useful for any restaurant

You opened a restaurant or want to renovate it and you need new equipment and accessories? We produce a wide range of uniforms, aprons, belts, and leather menu covers for the HoReCa field, which can be customized with text, logo or image by engraving or embroidering.

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The advantages of leather menu covers produced by us

Leather menu covers are made of durable materials, especially designed to keep the menu tabs safe for as long as possible. We focus on all the technical details to create quality and functional covers that do not deteriorate quickly after repeated openings.

We use natural leather in making leather covers for menu, to which we add a metal rail so that the two covers can be opened easily. Simultaneously, they can be easily cleaned and wiped periodically and the material being easy to maintain.

In short, these menu covers are accessories for any restaurant that wants to have style, prestige and offer quality services to customers. The covers can be customized with image, logo or text depending on your preferences.

Buy leather menu covers for your restaurant! You can place a larger order depending on the number of menus you want and can be customized by choosing this option.

Specifications for customizing leather menu covers:

  • personalization through engraving is 9 euros and is made per piece with images, text or logo in vector format of maximum 10 × 10 cm
  • for customization through embroider, heat transfer or serigraphy, an order of at least 10 pieces is required. You must send the image or logo in vector format to the size communicated above for a price offer.

Why buy leather menu covers from Masima

If you are looking for an online store that offers complete solutions for your staff, Masima is the right place. The products are made by the manufactured only from quality materials at affordable prices. Because we like to keep up with technology, we have special devices for customization according to customer needs. The reasons to buy from us leather menu covers are the following:

  • We produce professional equipment for the HoReCa field with an experience of over 20 years
  • All products are handmade from high-quality natural leather
  • Customization of all products and leather menu covers can be personalized  with logo, image or text by embroidering, embossing, laser engraving or thermal transfer
  • Besides the fact that we use natural leather to manufacture products, we combine leather with other materials such as textiles, cork or wood.
  • All products can be ordered directly with delivery to your door

Type of leather menu covers

Leather menus covers for restaurant

We produce leather menu covers for restaurants, made of high-quality natural leather. These covers are also provided with a metal rail so that the menu tabs can be easily attached and to allow quick and easy opening of those two covers.

Custom leather menu covers

Every restaurant needs products that are personalized with its brand. Therefore, we make custom leather menu covers with logo, name or image, depending on your preferences and the restaurant’s specifics.

Leather bar menu covers

Leather bar menu covers can support any beverage menu, regardless of the number of pages. Because they are made of natural leather, they protect the inner sheets from accidents such as watering them.

Black leather menu covers

For elegance and a pleasant appearance, we produce black leather menu covers that fit in any context, with any decor or color. Because the materials are quality, the covers are easy to clean and maintain for a long time.

Embossed leather menu covers

Many businesses in the HoReCa field prefer the embossed leather menu covers because are elegant and the model is very easy to keep, offering a special style. We use special engraving machines to customize any accessories.

Want more informations about leather menu covers?

Leather cocktail menu covers

Because you can use a cover for both the food menu and the drinks, you can choose to buy leather cocktail menu covers from your restaurant’s offer.

Leather menu holder

Leather support for menu is necessary for your local menu to be kept safe, regardless of the type of sheet you print (plasticized, glossy, etc). The railing inside can catch any menu without deteriorating over time.

Leather menu covers for sale

In our product range we have leather menu covers for sale that can be ordered in large numbers, depending on restaurant’s need. All products are handmade with great attention to detail.

Leather bound menu covers

The leather-bound menu covers are tied so that they do not come off during use. They are also provided on the inside with a rail so you can catch the menu sheets.

Genuine leather menu covers - what are the prices of the products

We produce genuine leather menu covers in your restaurant at affordable prices, without additional fees. The price is 39 euros and the product page you can add the logo, image and text you want on the cover. Delivery is fast to your door.

Personalized leather menu covers with fast delivery!

Our consultants are ready to answer any request or question regarding custom leather menu covers. We will give you more details about products and the materials used to make these covers, and how to customize.

Choose to offer your customers an unforgettable experience in your restaurant with quality equipment and accessories. Order leather covers for quality menu and durable over time!