Leather aprons for chefs, waiters, bartenders or other HoReCa fields

We are producers of natural leather aprons, made with a unique design and that can be customized with your brand. The aprons can be made of various combinations of textile and leather materials, specially designed for the HoReCa field, for chefs, bartenders, waiters, carpenters or other trades that require wearing leather aprons. 

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Leather aprons definition

If you want to know what is the best definition of leather aprons, first of all, these are work equipments that must be worn in certain areas. A quality apron will help you carry out your activities safely and professionally.

Leather aprons for sale - why buy Masima leather aprons

We have leather aprons for sale ideal for any job that requires wearing them. Choose a natural leather apron from the Masima range and you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • We are manufacturers for leather aprons
  • We produce quality HoReCa items with over 20 years of experience
  • We can customize the products according to the customer’s design and wishes
  • We can customize products with logo, name or image, by embroidery, laser engraving, embossing or heat transfer
  • Leather aprons are handmade
  • All products and equipment are made of natural leather, combinations of textile with natural leather, cork with natural leather, wood with natural leather
  • We treat every order received with seriousness and professionalism

Specifications for leather aprons

Personalization through engraving is 9 euros and is made per piece with images, text or logo in vector format of maximum 10×10 cm

For personalization through embroider, heat transfer, or screen printing, an order of at least ten pieces is required. You must send the image or logo in vector format to the size communicated above for a price offer.

Advantages of genuine leather aprons

Genuine leather aprons are modern aprons with several properties necessary for carrying out any activity in the HoReCa field. Here are the advantages of the natural leather aprons we make:

  • Leather aprons are easy to clean and are less vulnerable to stains than other materials
  • An authentic leather apron has an average lifespan of 5 years. Also, the more often it is worn, the more trustworthy it will look.
  • We have a wide range of leather aprons or combinations with textiles
  • The products can be customized according to your preferences, with your logo or brand
  • The leather aprons are very easy to wear due to the leather processing, not being heavy, ensuring the desired comfort.

Type of

Leather cook aprons

Work equipment such as caps, gloves or aprons is indispensable for this job. Their role is to cook safely (equipment does not prepare, but that is understandable), protecting you from several external factors (the phrase does not seem to say anything).

The leather kitchen aprons made by Masima are made of natural leather and specially designed to protect the chef from splashing with hot liquids and hot oil, protecting him from thermal shocks. If you are a chef, do not hesitate to order a quality leather chef’s apron, being one of the resistance pieces of a complete chef’s outfit.

Leather aprons for cooking

Leather cooking aprons are ideal to be worn by any chef, professional or even at the beginning of the road. They give you safety and you can cook without stressing about the equipment you wear.

Leather kitchen aprons

Any professional chef must wear leather kitchen aprons possibly with his signature. Such an apron will help him cook safely for himself and his customers. It will also give you more confidence in the work done, especially if it is personalized.

Leather barista aprons

If you work in the HoReCa field and need leather barista aprons, Masima offers you the possibility to choose from a wide range of quality and authentic products. These aprons are very comfortable, easy to wear, and the material is easy to maintain, the skin being natural.

Leather bartender aprons

We make leather bartender aprons for those who work in cafes, catering companies or restaurants and need such adequate equipment. All Masima aprons are carefully created, they have a unique design made of natural leather that offers a special note of elegance.

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Waiter aprons

Those who already work in the restaurant industry know how vital the impeccable appearance of the outfit is. The aprons for the waiter that we make meet all the conditions of adequate equipment at the workplace: quality, comfort and durability.

Barber aprons

We work with a team of professionals in making different types of aprons with specialized equipment, including barber aprons. We have a wide range of models, sizes and colors, whether it is an apron for women or men.

Leather aprons butcher

If you need a leather apron butcher, you can order the desired product directly. Depending on the desire for personalization, you can send us an image, a message or a logo and we will personalize it through embroider, laser engraving, embossing or heat transfer.

Carpenters leather aprons

The carpentry job involves an apron that has an increased utility to protect it, but also to make work easier, due to the different storage pockets. We create unique and personalized carpenters leather aprons according to your preferences, with image, message or logo. This way you can enjoy a product specially designed for you, which you can use every time.

Leather aprons cork

We also make cork leather aprons available at affordable prices for any trade in the HoReCa field. Depending on your preferences, these aprons can also be customized with your brand.

Leather barbecue aprons

Leather barbecue aprons are necessary for any chef who also uses the grill when cooking, whether it is an activity performed outdoors or in a professional kitchen. These aprons can protect you from staining your outfit with different liquids while you can cook safely.

Leather aprons bbq

Leather aprons bbq are specially designed to protect both the body and clothes from dirt. Whether it is a professional or amateur chef, these aprons are provided with pockets specially created to hang specific tools for bbq. They can be adjusted at the waist with adjustable back straps.

Handmade leather aprons - how much do natural leather aprons cost

If you need more details on the prices of handmade personalized leather aprons, you can contact us by phone or you can write to us by email. We will give you all the necessary details and we can guide you on how to place an order, especially if you want a personalized product with a logo or an image.

Contact us to find out more details about custom leather aprons!

Our consultants are ready to provide you with all the necessary information for the personalized leather aprons you need. We will give you more details on how to make, the materials used, the destination of the aprons or the areas they can use.