Chef’s tunic


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Chef’s tunic




Composition: Tercot 200 gr, very wear-resistant material, by use or washing at 40 degrees Celsius.


MASIMA chef uniforms are made to meet the specific needs of the HoReCa professions. Uniforms are mandatory and strictly necessary for restaurants, cafes, bistros, restaurants.


The materials used are of superior quality due to the twisted threads, a modern method used to manufacture the textile from which the uniforms are made.


The items have been carefully crafted, giving the product long shelf life.


Wearing comfort is very light and comfortable.

The price of personalization by engraving is 9 euros if the size of the text, image, or engraved logo in the format vector is a maximum of 10 x 10 cm. If you want to customize a more extensive area by laser engraving, the price differs depending on the text’s size, image, or logo.

The digitization price for the embroider service is processing the text, image, logo that you transmit, and its transformation into the format necessary for the embroider service. This cost is payable only once, even if you place orders later. Digitization will remain in our system, and you will no longer pay this cost for subsequent requests.

For personalization through embroider, heat transfer, or screen printing, an order of at least ten pieces is required. You must send the image or logo in vector format to the size communicated above for a price offer. The embroider cost differs depending on the image’s complexity and size, logo, and desired text.

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Laser engraving customization

Laser engraving customization, No laser engraving customization


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